How Runaways are thinking
Affected youngsters talk to a psychologist
The most important thing for young people is an understanding home where they can get support and help if they need it. But often they have problems at home, too, with that they cannot deal with. So it is the last way for youngsters to run away.
Q: I ran away from home. But I cannot deal with the situation. What can I do?
A: What ever happened in the past, it is not the right way running away from home. In your life you will be confronted by problems, but you cannot run away every time. You could better talk to relatives or friends, and if they canot help you, you could get some in a youth welfare service or in an advice centre. It is important to arrange your matters. Therefore you have to return to home. It will be the best.
Q: I am bisexual and did not know how to tell my parents. But my friends opened one´s big mouth and so they know it right now. They do not talk to me - ignore me every time I want to talk to them. Also my relatives got to know it and now I feel miserable like I had disappointed my family. My friends also canot cope with it. It seems like I am not accepted by everybody. It might be the best if I disappear and run away, isn´t it?
A: That you are bisexual is a normal thing this time. There are so many people who are homosexual in the world. It is okay! And the reaction of your parents is only the shock. They are not against you. But it might was a jolt for them with what they did not expect that. Let them some time to get by it. And you will see they love you always.
Q: I ran away from home last week. But now I live at home again. My parents were shocked when my teacher called them to tell that I was not at school. They called all my friends - who did not know my plans and also the police and they found me. But my parents could not understand the reason why I ran away and now they are too thoughtful and do not let me go out after 10 o´clock. They do not talk to me right now and I do not know what to do neither. My friends also are very disappointed. I feel so sad and have pangs of conscience. Please, give me advice!
A: That is a really difficult situation. You shocked your parents this way that they thought they would not see you anymore. And for parents it is the most scarying thing that could ever happen to them. Now you have to let them some time to understand what you have done and why. But you have to help them. They are frightened of losing you a second time and so they to hold  theirselves in. You also have to talk to your friends. They feel cheated and are very disappointed that you did not tell them about your problems so they had not the time to help you. And because of this they might blame themselves for this. Be more open-minded and talk with them about your feelings and problems and you will see that friends could be the most important thing besides your family!
Q: My sister is a runaway. She ran away from home and now my parents are not the same. Previously they were very funny and open-minded for new things. They travelled around the world - with us - and had done crazy things like bungee-jumping or went deep-sea-diving. But since my sister ran away they are always sad and very guarded. They do not let me go out because they fear that I could run away, too. I feel so helpless and do not know how to help my parents through this time because they are weary of life and canot go on living like that. What can I do? Please, can you help me?
A: At first you have to understand your parents. They lost a child! And now they fear to lose you, too. It was a shock and now they have to take a rest of it. You could help them if you talk to them. That’s the only thing you could do. You can console them and support them to find your sister. Be strong! I wish you the best…

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