Remember how you felt the last time you got in a big fight with your parents or one of your brothers or sisters?

That kind of fury and disappointment can be what makes youngsters run away from their homes. Indeed, most kids run away as there are serious problems in the families. Moreover they might have done something they are ashamed of, and they are frightened of telling the truth.


Considered particularly there are various reasons of leaving home.

Here are some more causes :

  • abuse (violence in the family)
  • parents separating or divorcing or the arrival of a new stepparent, maybe together with a stepbrother or a stepsister
  • death in the family
  • birth of a new baby in the family
  • family financial worries
  • kids or parents drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • problems at school
  • peer pressure
  • failing or dropping out of school
  • great problems with friends
  • lovesickness
  • curiosity
  • iron will to prove parents the ability to survive without their help

These are inconveniences influencing a lot of youngsters massively. But the most important thing is that there are other possibilities to get a grip on your life which are even better than running away.

As a matter of fact  the problems kids hope to escape by running away are replaced by other - sometimes even bigger - problems of life on the streets.


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